About the product Tense final episode of the long-running paranoia-at-the-highest-level FBI drama series. Mulder escapes from a Government weather complex in a final attempt to uncover the truth about government collusion in the use of alien viruses. But he is captured and held in a military prison awaiting trial. Skinner offers to represent him and has to call Scully to the stand to defend Mulder. Mulder drops the I m brianwashed act and admits that he has found something significant in Mexico but can t say what. But the military find Mulder guilty and he must face death by lethal injection. Mulder and Scully escape (or are they being allowed to?), to uncover the truth that Mulder has discovered in the Mexico desert. The cigarette smoking man is there, and he is prepared to impart the final awful truth that awaits planet Earth. Product details Price 5.66 AUD Brand Namco SKU DVDB6895 Category Media DVDs & Videos.

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X Files The Truth DVD

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2 years ago
Launceston Launceston, Tasmania, Australia


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